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IURC's Small Systems Workshop Sept. 13
Tue, September 6, 2016 | link          Comments

Wellhead Protection Plan Assistance
Don't forget RCAP can help with WHPPs!  Phase II Plans are coming due- and IDEM has asked RCAP to help you complete them.  Contact us today to get started!
Wed, June 1, 2011 | link          Comments

RCAP Blog: Welcome!

While you're here, see what we can do for your community or utility or sign up for training classes.
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RCAP's goal is to facilitate the lengthy and often complicated process involved in implementing community water, wastewater, and solid waste-related improvements. All services are provided at NO COST to the community. 

Tue, November 17, 2009 | link          Comments

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Since 1981, IN-RCAP has been helping local leaders and utility staff to find solutions to drinking water, wastewater, and solid waste challenges unique to rural communities and smaller utilities.


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Mission Statement

• To ensure that rural residents have access to clean, safe drinking water.

• To increase access to safe, cost effective sewage treatment for rural residents.

• To ensure that rural residents are able to dispose of their solid waste in a sanitary and affordable manner.